Brazil (Organic) - Out of Stock Waiting for New Crop

Smooth, fruity,cocoa, mild apple tartness enveloped in a caramel vanilla sweetness

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Brazil (Organic) - Out of Stock Waiting for New Crop


Fazenda Floresta is located in the Chapada Diamantina, a region in the state of Bahia. Chapadas are famous, towering rock formations in this region. Chapada Diamantina is the most famous because of its history The early Portuguese settlers scoured it for diamonds. This coffee is from a single farm that is both Organic and Biodynamic certified. Biodynamic is a highly advanced land stewardship which involves integrating agriculture with natural environmental cycles. They believe in diversity and not mono- cropping, so they have assorted crops that they grow and extensive composting is utilized. Fazenda Floresta processes coffee in three distinct styles: washed, pulped natural, and full natural. We purchased the pulped natural selection.

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