Ecuador Chirimoya

Chiramoya is a limited micro-lot offering from Ecaudor. It is smooth, low acid with notes of currant, mandarin, floral and darjeeling.

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Ecuador Chirimoya


This coffee is a blend of beans from various small family farms in the Pichincha and Imbabura provinces along with 150 hectares curated by Galo and Maria Alexandra. “Chirimoya” is the title for the small-farm blend, in honor of the native and uniquely delicious fruit widely grown and consumed across the Andes. Ecuador’s namesake position on the Earth’s equator means that medium-altitude coffee enjoys practically a perfect year-round growing season, often with flowering & ripe cherry sharing the same branch most months. Farms in this area also grow potatoes, plantains, corn, sugar cane, cacao, soursop & chirimoya & heart of palm. Harvest on small farms typically involves the whole available family as well as hired pickers. The coffee is processed at home & dried on hand-made structures and greenhouses. Cherry is de-pulped immediately after picking and fermented in sealed tanks known as “anaerobic” fermentation. The parchment is then washed & moved to raised beds under shade canopy for a slow and even drying. This 350-hectare estate has been in Galo’s family for 80 years. “Everybody in the family is critical in the coffee’s success.”

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