Food & Beverage

Homemade Soups

Tomato Soup -  VN DF $3.85 

John's Famous Seafood Chowder   $4.85

Homemade Daily Specials

Empanadas - Baked spicy chicken. Made daily! If you only try one thing...this is it! $2.95 

Potato Fritter - homemade cheesy potato and bacon hashbrown. This is a hashbrown made for two! $4.95

Authentic Mexican Quesadilla - This is no regular quesadilla!  Made with masa (corn flour), chicken mixture and cheese then pan fried. Served w/ spicy green salsa & crema Mexicana. Big enough to share.  $5.95

Quiche – egg, veggies & cheese V OR w/ bacon, ham or turkey   $5.50

Tortilla Española Quiche – potato au gratin, egg & cheese V  $5.50

Breakfast Burrito – bacon, egg, black beans, cheese, and potato  $6.75  

Vegatable Burrito – egg, potato, black beans & pepperjack cheese $6.75

Roasted Chicken on Pita – Jarlsberg Swiss, guacamole & sauteed red onions    $7.50

Salmon Salad – Atlantic salmon w/ mixed greens, arugula, pine nuts & house vinaigrette   $8.95

 Bagels, Yogurt & Oats

Bagel w/cream cheese – plain, parm, everything or cinn. raisin V  $2.95

Vegan Bagel - bagel w/ roasted red pepper hummus, and avocado pine nuts and green onions. VN DF $6.50

Avocado Bagel – bagel w/ avocado, homemade salsa & pine nuts VN DF   $6.25

Salmon Bagel – Atlantic salmon on bagel w/ cream cheese, homemade salsa, arugula & pine nuts   $8.95

Granola Bowl/Parfait – homemade granola, fresh fruit w/ yogurt or milk (optional) V  $3.95

Overnight Oats - your choice of steel cut oats or rolled oats, milk and fresh berries, 1/2 bananas and honey.  Alternative coconut milk options available V $3.95


Sweet and Savory Treats

Croissants go fast!  Ask barista what is still available. 

Plain Croissant V $2.65

Ham and Cheese Croissant - (ham and swiss)   $3.90

Tomato Basil Croissant - (tomato, swiss and basil) V  $3.90

Almond Croissant V  $3.90

Pain Au Chocolat - (chocolate croissant) V   $3.90

Frangipane - almond cake with either fresh fruit on top or peaches and pears baked in  V  $4.95

Organic Apple Pie - apple pie made with organic apple and a sugary crust. V $4.95  Add a slice of cheddar or scoop of vanilla ice cream $1.50/ea

True Jamacian Rum Cake - butter rum or chocolate rum. For patrons 21 years and older! V $4.95

Orange Pound Cake - made with fresh orange juice and zest.  V $2.65

RoCo Muffins - Banana Walnut or Blueberry (w/banana)  V $2.55

Flax Vegan Muffin VN   $2.85

Coffee Cake (ask your barista what type we have) V  $3.75

Scones - large berry scone V $2.65

Seasonal Sugar Cookies V  $2.70

RoCo Cookies - chocolate chip with walnuts, oatmeal craisin or peanut butter V  $1.85

Coconut Macaroons - egg whites, coconut, almond extract V $1.70

Brownies - made with walnuts, chocolate chips, and of course COFFEE!  V $2.55

V = Vegetarian  VN = vegan  DF = dairy free

Hot Beverages (prices for whole or skim milk)

Mexican Hot Chocolate -  latte with chocolate, chipolte and cayenne  Cinco de Mayo Special
$4.85/12oz     $5.70/16oz    $6.90/20oz (4shots in 20oz)

Drip Coffee - coffee of the day ask your barista what's been brewed
$1.95/12oz     $2.90/16oz or 20oz

Pour Over - choose to have a drip coffe made just for you from any of our coffees (Kona and Jamaica extra if available)
$3.70/12oz     $4.95/16oz

Latte- two shots of espresso with steamed milk *
$3.75/12oz     $4.50/16oz    $5.70/20oz (4shots in 20oz)

Mocha Latte - two shots espresso, homemade cocoa powder, steamed milk *
$4.00/12oz     $4.80/16oz    $5.75/20oz (4shots in 20oz)

Cappuccino - a classic cap is made with equal parts espresso, milk and foam Requests: classic, dry (less milk mostly foam) or wet (more milk, less foam)

Espresso - two shots 
$2.75  additional 2 shots $1.25   single origin $3.30

Americano - two shots of espresso with water *
$2.75 any size $1.25 for extra shots

Chai Latte - made with our homemade chai that is both peppery and gingery  Request: mild, med or spicy *
$3.75/12oz     $4.70/16 or 20oz

London Fog - Earl Grey tea with a flavor and steamed milk
$4.15/12oz     $5.25/16oz     $5.60/20oz

Matcha Latte - Japanese matcha green tea powder, honey and steamed milk *
$4.95/12oz     $5.95/16oz     $6.25/20oz

Au Lait/Con Leche - this is coffee latte made with coffee and steamed milk 
$2.75/12oz     $3.55/16oz

Cortado - two shots espresso with steamed milk and sugar  

Classic Macchiato - we make classic Italian macchiatos which are 2 shots espresso with a dollop of foam (Starbucks style macchiato is actually an extra sweet caramel latte) *

AeroPress - choose from any coffee (excluding Kona and Jamaica's)

Tea - ask to see out tea menu or go ot our tea page on our website
$2.80 any size     specialty tea $3.40

Hot Chocolate/Cocoa - our homemade cocoa powder with steamed milk
$3.75/12oz     $4.40/16oz

Hot Apple Cider
$3.75/12oz     $4.40/16oz

Steamer - steamed milk with a flavor
$2.95/12oz     $3.75/16oz

*Can be made hot or cold

Cold Beverages (prices for whole or skim milk)

Frappe - 20oz frozen 2 shot beverage made with half and half, caramel and banana (can be made without banana)  

Matcha or Acai Frappe - these are made with matcha or acai in place of espresso

Cold Brew - homemade brew steeped for hours in cold water this gives the coffee less acidity and more caffeine
$3.65/12oz     $4.65/16 or 20oz

Nitro - our cold brew on tap (infused with nitrogen as it is poured) giving the cold brew a frothy appeal
$4.60/12oz     $5.60/16oz

Cold Brew Float - our cold brew with seltzer water and a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Chai Float - our chai with seltzer water and a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Iced Coffee - hot coffee cooled and iced
$1.95/12oz     $2.90/16oz or 20oz

Iced Tea - steeped tea cooled ask to see out tea menu or go ot our tea page on our website
$3.30 any size     specialty tea  $4.05

Italian Soda - seltzer water, half and half, flavor and whipped cream

Affogato - a scoop of vanilla ice cream with two shots of espresso poured over top